Zambeezi Original Tube


A single tube of Zambeezi Original Lip Balm


Zambeezi Tangerine Tube


A single tube of Zambeezi Tangerine Lip Balm


Zambeezi Suncare Tube


A single tube of Zambeezi Suncare Lip Balm


Lemongrass Soap


A lively yellow citrus soap with lemongrass essential oil and ground turmeric for color and skin conditioning.


Cinnamon Cassia Soap


Spicy cassia and cinnamon essential oils blend for an invigorating fragrance. Ground cinnamon and a pinch of paprika give it a distinctive color.


Spearmint Soap


A refreshing spearmint soap swirled with crushed leaves for color and texture.


Lavender Soap


Soothing essential oil of lavender with a sprinkling of ground poppyseed for exfoliation give this soap a lovely air.


2 Bar Gift Pack


Just a nice size – 2 assorted bars, beautifully wrapped and tied off with the finishing touch. What a nice gift this set makes.


Double Gift Pack (two bars of soap and two lip balms)


A set of both soap and Zambeezi lip balm – one for you and one to share…


4 Bar Gift Pack


4 assorted bars on a decorative backing card, tied together as a set. Perfect as a gift to someone special – maybe you!

Wanke Pumice Stone


The Wanke Stones are found and mined in Zambia’s Central Province. Stones are unearthed and then carved to a comfortable hand-held size.



Luffas (or Loofahs) are grown in all parts of Zambia and make an excellent bath exfoliate and work great to lather your favorite Zambian Soap scent.


Six Pack of Lemongrass Soap


Six lemongrass soaps in a bulk package

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